Favorite hunting gadget?

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Roger,   Brandon in now the construction foreman he get's it from the job site  from his electrician buddies when they don't want it anymore.    There are different types of mule tape i've seen some  new  lesser expensive plastics to nylon to kevlar.  I use it as a towstrap on the quad and basic tie downs,  good stuff and doesn't take up a lot of space. 

We called it pull tape at the phone co.  It comes in different strength and quality. It is perfect for pulling fiber optic cable.   

rev frank:
hi, being more on the hi tech/military side with my equipment and clothing, compared to the typical austrian hunter, there is one traditional item i too use.
my own  handmade "bergstock" ( mountain stick, shootingstick....) made  from hazelwood with a fork on top and a hardened steel tip.
in steep mountain areas like ours it is perfect when climbing up the hills an bring the "harvest " down. it helped in many situations and if come across some agressive boar you could ram it into it 
i also consider the headlamp a very valueable thing
the EKA swingblade with its extra gutting blade  is also very useful

Great information!  I've learned a lot already.  Definitely need to look into this mule tape item...seems to be pretty useful stuff.  I had thought about a Backtrack as a backup GPS...may invest in that one as well.  Forgot about the baby wipes - yes...that is a good one.  We use unscented ones...can't tell if the elk have noticed yet. 

I assume the Thermacell is for mosquito issues?  We don't seem to have much of a mosquito problem in September in Wyoming, but I bet it would be useful in the Midwest and Alaska during hunting season. 

Another one I thought of...and I think most people carry one...is one of those space blankets or sleeping bags.  They fold up into the size of a small pack of Kleenex.  I've always figured that one item alone would keep me dry and keep me from freezing to death in a bad situation.  Very cheap, light, and doesn't take up much space.  Everyone should have one in their pack.  I think you can get them for less than $5 at most stores.

I broke a leg while elk hunting by myself long ago, finding myself in a very uncomfortable situation. Spending the night alone, broken, and in the cold Oregon rain was a serious threat to my survival, but I was able to make my way a little more than a mile back to my truck before darkness. Never forget your need for shelter from the elements or your need for warmth. You can go without food and water for a long time, but you can perish from heat or cold quickly.


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