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Scent is only one factor, you must remember the deer family also have excellent hearing,  and eye sight that is designed to detect movement. I have had deer wind me but still approach to see exactly what I am and not react until movement or noise completes the picture for them. You must manage all of these factors, Having all the scent guard and lures in the world won't help if your crashing through the woods with the sun bouncing off you bald head talking to your buddies. The deer family are curious and just 'cause you might get winded doesn't always mean your busted. Stay still, be quiet, it might just come to see what you are.

A way to use scent is steal some of your wife's tampons, yes I said tampons, and soak them in scent and use the string to hang them around your stand. Don't take the last one or you will be in trouble if she finds out why they're missing

James :  I have used tampons for Shark fishing years ago dipped in fish blood,  and it does work very well.  I'm sure it would do the same for scents in a stand.  Good one. Later this year I'm going to get some salt licks and put them out.  The cattle will be off the range in the high country by then.

Oregon Jim -- great story about how the doe came up to you. I belive it. A friend told me how nearly the same thing happened when he had tarsel glands in a shirt pocket. The scent from the glands covered up the smell of cigar smoke on his shirt. I have also thought about a predator smelling me as I try to "blend in" with the surroundings.

Eagle Rider:
I swear by Trails End!  It works all season and doesn't get deer spooky. 

I agree with that Trails End works very well for a lure attractant, you can use it in liquid form in scent dispensers or hangiing cotton dispensers, and they also have it in resuable one season long leaves which look like plastic leaves with scent impregenated into to them and you can hang them up where you want and regenerate the scent to original levels by  placing all the leaves back into the container they came in overnight. It is worth a try anyway and it has worked for me.


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