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Barrel band sling swivel studs (14 posts)

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Posted 07/07/201103:41 PM

Can someone tell me why african safari-type rifles typically have a barrel band sling swivel stud on the barrel rather than a sling swivel stud on the forward portion of the stock like other rifles?  I am almost certain that there is a functional reason for this but I cannot think of what that might be.NRA Life Member
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Posted 07/07/201104:05 PM


The reason I have heard stated most often by those in the know such as Boddington is, that with recoil of heavy magnum rifles, the forward sling stud had a tendency to impact the shooters forehand and cause injury. Other than that the only difference is it seems the slinged gun will ride lower on ones shoulder.Can't imagine any advantage there.

Cheers"The way to hunt is for as long as you live against as long as their is such an animal"-Hemingway
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Posted 07/07/201104:17 PM

Greyrider is correct.  The recoil would cause the sling swivel to really chew up the web between your thumb and pointer finger.  Also, the African way of carrying a rifle is for the rifle to rest horizontally on your shoulder, barrel pointing forward, with your hand holding the barrel.  Perhaps the sling swivel would dig into your shoulder if were on the stock.  But the main reason is the recoil.   I have a custom built .375 Weatherby that has the sling swivel on the stock instead of the barrel.  With heavy loads, I have to be really careful how I hold it.  I can imagine with any larger caliber it could really rip you.  M
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Posted 07/07/201104:22 PM

That makes sense.  Thanks for the replies.

BTW, I never knew that about the African way of carrying the rifle.  That is interesting!  And I envy you for owning a .375 Wby. Mag. there musicman.  Since they aren't part of the Weatherby lineup anymore, that makes it extra special.NRA Life Member
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Posted 07/07/201104:27 PM

Fed215M the 375 is still available from the custome shop in the eoromark,safari grade and the dangerous game rifles. Not trying to be rude just letting you know.
DerrillGood Hunting And Shooting To all
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Posted 07/07/201104:36 PM

Oh, no offense taken.  Thanks for that clarification.

NRA Life Member
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Posted 07/07/201105:18 PM

African style of carrying a rifle ? I've always considered it the James style. They do say imitation is the purist form of flattery.  Cheesy

Jamesexhale and squeeze
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Posted 07/07/201108:18 PM

Yea when you have a big heavy rifle you find lots of different ways to carry it.  The " James style" works for me from time to time.
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Posted 07/07/201109:13 PM

I have always liked the truck, ATV ,then make a short 20 yd hike into the stand "Carry Style".  GrinRoger
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Posted 07/07/201110:14 PM

I'm looking forward to the " son carry this for the old man " style

exhale and squeeze
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Posted 07/07/201110:54 PM

James that's not the "son carry this for the old man style" that's the nik style and it works for just about anything,with the barrel band i've always thought if your shooting a big gun you want to hold on to it and take some of the recoil with the fore hand rather than let it slide back,then the sling would hang the gun lower in thick stuff which is how i carry mine because i've been spoilt by a short barrel 06,most pics i've seen of african guides they don't have slings and that's where the "african" carry comes in to rest the arms,if something jumps out to eat or squash you it's a lot faster to bring the rifle into play if it's already in your hands instead of on the shoulder,when i used to deer hunt every weekend i never had a sling on my rifle for that same reason and used the "james" style carry when i needed to
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Posted 07/07/201111:29 PM

I almost think it's a carrry over  sling placement from the old days of shorter  forends on double rifles, but it's as good an explaination as I've heard.   I have never had problem with the sling swivel stud on my 458 Ruger pre-warning with my hand getting caught,   maybe for guy's with long arms it may be an issue.  

 Â  A little explaining,  the older Ruger 77's does in fact have a barrel band not in front of the stock,   but you can't  easily see it from the side,  from the top you can,  it's hidden underneath the stock where the wood has been cut away to match the contour of the bbl band,   and  a special swivel stud is threaded into the band locking the bbl down on the forend.   It's been years since I took it apart , but it does have four stock screws one in the tang, one in the recoil lug, one in the mag release  area,  and one in the bbl band / stud.    It does have a large heavy piece of metal for re-enforcing that I have never seen on any other rifle,  I almost think it's for a second lug.    It's been so long I can't remember  exactly how it's attached inside.    In other words it might as well be glued in there.   The newer Ruger 77's  went to the in front  of the stock bbl band and not quite sure if they have a fourth screw in the forend or have that extra re-enforcing metal.
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Posted 07/07/201111:33 PM


All kidding aside, my rifles rarely wear slings when trudging through the bush. If I'm tree stand hunting I use them to attach my rope for hauling the gun then off it comes.  I have found over the years here that you have so many obstacles to negotiate the gun is always going from hand to hand, position to position. I always have one with me in my pack. I do love having a sling on my 12g O/U when duck hunting. With all the decoys etc. then the birds on the way out you never have enough hands.

exhale and squeeze
Joined: 04/23/09
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Posted 07/09/201103:53 AM

James after i wrecked my arm i put slings on most of my rifles as i found it hard to carry what i'd shot and rifle at the same time,they had quick release swivels and i found they occasionally loosened off i glued them closed so i wouldn't end up dropping the gun,the way i carry my gun i don't get the sling tangled at all and can change hands easily enough when i have to,if i'm not stalking in on something i cradle the gun in my left arm(the good one) and i've found that a lot quicker to bring into play than over the shoulder,i only use the sling when carrying something or heading back in the dark and if my dog finds something he bails it until i get there so i have plenty of time to get the going
Joined: 03/18/10
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