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Posted 11/13/201201:59 PM

Wish me good luck fellas.... I'm heading upstate for the last three days of bow season and the first four of rifle.There are as many answers to that one as there are reasons men hunt, fight, skydive, gamble or take up with redheaded ladies.

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Eagle Rider

Posted 11/13/201202:37 PM

Good luck ER.Hope to see some picts and hear some stories on your return.Roger
Faster horses,younger women,older whiskey,and more money.
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Posted 11/13/201205:49 PM

2nd on good luck!   Smiley
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Posted 11/13/201206:17 PM

I wish you good luck and wish I was with you Wink

Terryguns have two enemies.......rust and government.
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Posted 11/13/201206:55 PM

Good luck!  Shoot straight!

Weather cooled off just in time for the season to start, huh?  It was 65 at 6 this morning and it dropped to 40. Sposed to hit 27 in the morning just in time for opening day!  Good luck everyone!
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Posted 11/13/201207:17 PM

E R, good luck with your hunt, same for me gun opens on the 17th. have all week off...O C hunter
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O C hunter

Posted 11/14/201212:02 AM

Good luck to allBilly Mac
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Posted 11/14/201212:37 AM

good luck, shoot straight
exhale and squeeze
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Posted 11/14/201212:53 AM

Good Luck ER & OC
Looks overcast and cold in our area should be good hunting. Wish me luck as well im leaving at dark thirty tomorrow morning. for the MI opener on thur.
Everybody Have A good and safe season.Mark
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