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New Weatherby acquisition (9 posts)

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Posted 11/13/201201:39 PM

I just added this lovely 378 Weatherby to my collection of MkVs.

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Posted 11/13/201201:53 PM

Nice catch!
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Posted 11/13/201202:38 PM

Nice David.What scope is on it?Roger
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Posted 11/13/201203:29 PM

Hi Roger

 The scope is a Burris Euro-Diamond 1.5 - 6 x 40mm with 30mm tube and a Posi-Lock to lock the reticles. The stock is by Ram-Line and the butt paid is Decelerator.

I checked the reviews on the Burris Euro-Diamond  scope and it sounds pretty good.

I will try it out and, if it is as good as the reviews make it to be, it will stay.
Joined: 04/04/10
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Posted 11/13/201209:46 PM

That's Nice, And a nice choice in optics too. Good luck with that, it should serve you well.  Yuma
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Posted 11/15/201209:41 PM

Is this a possible safari rifle?
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Posted 11/16/201204:24 PM

Yes, Safari is my intention. A Safari is something nthat I have always wanted to do and do before I get too old to really enjoy it.

I hate to admit frailty but 18 I am not and do not believe that I will ever again be.

I am just starting to plan and am looking at possible places and game to hunt. Angola is my first choice.

A trophy Cape Buffalo is a certainty and also my primary objective to hunt in Africa. For years I have heard how dangerous they can be.

To the Cape Buffalo, I am looking at what else is in the chosen area so that I can go after at least 3 different species. I will be taking my MkV in 375 H&H as well.

Joined: 04/04/10
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Posted 11/16/201205:37 PM

You can do all that stuff you wanta kill in Texas and not have to worry about being kidnapped or shot!  Grin BTW really sweet looking rifle and optik so is it a tack driver Huh
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Posted 11/16/201208:04 PM

Looks like everything up to and including buffalo is covered rather well. I believe you've got enough gun.
Joined: 09/16/10
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