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Posted 11/12/201210:51 PM

This weekend i went pig hunting and one of the guys that came out took a bow and shot a pig. And i thought it would be fun to go bow hunting and maybe get into it a little bit. The reason why i am making this post is because i found a bow that I want (Bowtech Destroyer 350) and was wondering if any body can help me find one online. Thanks so much!!Weatherby Mark V + animal = Food on your plate
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Posted 11/12/201211:32 PM

I got my Quest G5 Smoke from Hunter's Friend last year. Nice place to deal with.

The Smoke was rated at 334 IBS and at my draw and 62# pull it does 292fps with 310g Eastons Flatline DOA's and 262fps with 382g Easton AXIS. I use the 382g Axis as the KE is higher with the speed and weight of the AXIS arrows. A KE of 40# will easily drop a whitetail if placed properly, but a hog is a different story. I'd want all the KE I could get!! A friend of the family lives out in CO.... she is 70 years old and has been hunting with bows all her life. She's 5'2" and 140# soaking wet. A 50# bow does her well on Mule deer, elk and a Mountain Lion a few years back.

I experimented with 4 broadheads and found 100g Rage and 100g Spitfire held the best FOC at  8.77 and 9.56. The right broadhead makes a big difference on how the arrow flies. I practice with field points, but also practice with the practice broadheads most manufactirers include in the package these days. Broadheads fly differently than field points, and a hunt is not the time to find out your field point zero is not your broadhead zero.

Before I would spend $1K on a bow, I would make darn dure I tested one first. I tested 5 at Gander Mountain before I decided on the Smoke. I was looking at the Diamond Outlaw as well.... basically the same specs as the Smoke, but the cam was so aggressive that I could not hold it well even at 80% letoff. I had neck surgery so that was a big deal to me.

They happen to have the bow you are looking for. Can't imagine double the cheese for a package because mine was $550 shipped and holds 2" groups at 30yds. Look at the Outlaw for half the money. No matter what you purchase, you will want upgrades... I got a QAD Ultra drop away rest and tried 2 other arrows apart from the ones the package came with.

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Posted 11/13/201201:01 AM

Its always good hearing people like that still going out and hunting all the time, and that was a huge buck!!. Thanks so much for all the input. But i am having trouble finding one that i could purchase a bow online, the website that you made a link of shows that you have to buy it in stores not online. Ya i tried out the Matthew's bow and the bow tech and i just love both of them the same, its just trying to find one in my area, closest is almost 5 hours away. But thanks anyways so much!!Weatherby Mark V + animal = Food on your plate
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Posted 11/13/201201:03 AM

If you are just getting into archery, I would not suggest getting the Destroyer 350. It has very  "course" cams and short brace height. The short brace height isnt something that a novice archer should have to deal with forgiveness wise and the course cams make the draw weight feel heavier than it actually is. This can develop some VERY BAD habits. I would recommend a 7" brace height, minimum, for a beginning archer just for the forgiveness of it, more if you can find it in a bow you like. Look at the Bowtech Assassin, Bowtech Invasion, any of the Diamond line, PSE Brute X, PSE Stinger 3G, PSE Hammer, PSE Vendetta DC, Hoyt Prohawk, Mission Ballistic, Mission Voyager XT,  and the list goes on and on. I would also suggest shooting as many of the bows as you can before buying one. Don't just buy one because your buddies have it. You will know the bow you want when you shoot it. It will just FEEL RIGHT. I personally like the PSE line-up, but it just so happens that I work for a PSE dealer. I will say that there are some really nice bows on the market today and as long as you take your time shooting them and deciding on the one you like the best, you will be fine. Just because the bow costs $1000, doesnt mean you will like it. I would recommend the PSE EVO, but the brace height is 6". It is a really sweet bow that is smoother than any bow I have ever drawn. I'm not saying that because I sell PSE bows, its the honest truth. The EVO is an unbelievably smooth drawing bow and if any of you are in the market for a bow that is easy on the shoulder this is it. It isnt quite as easy on the wallet, but once you shoot it, you will appreciate it.

Also, dont let the advertised IBO speeds get you hyped up. Most people dont see them. By the time you add string silencers, a peep(with or without tubing), loop, your hunting arrow, adjusted the draw length, and any thing else that touches the string, it will have slowed the bow speeds down. From what I have seen, most hunting set-ups, with carbon arrows, have a total arrow weight in the 400gr area, we will say there is a +/- 5gr margin.

IBO is:
70lb draw weight
30" draw length
350gr arrow(total weight)

Here is an example using my set-up:

2009 PSE Bowmadness XS (316fps IBO speed)
62lb draw weight
26" draw length
345gr arrow(total weight)
QAD Hunter drop-away rest

The only things on my string are a loop, brass nock point, QAD rest attachment and a tubeless peep

My chronographed speed is 275fps.

I will be buying the PSE DNA early in 2013, and with its IBO speed and my current set-up being transferred over to it, I am hoping to hit 300fps or as close as I can get. I had looked at the PSE Omen and would get in the 315fps range, but its draw is a little to course for my liking. It is an EXTREMELY fast bow, but you have to know what you are doing to shoot it without torquing it and jerking the strings off the cams. I have shot one on several occasions and really like it, but the DNA is supposed to be a little smoother. It is said to be a "cross" of the Omen and the EVO. Tennessee- The patron state of shooting stuff!
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Posted 11/13/201209:46 AM

First, I strongly encourage you to give bowhunting a try!  There is no greater adrenaline rush than trying to get to full draw with a buck staring you straight in the eyes a mere 20yds away. It'll make rifle hunting seem like downright cheating.

I would recommend against going with a new, high dollar bow for your first bow.   First off, you won't know what you like and don't like, and your skills won't honestly merit the expense. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't buy a good quality bow, but I just don't recommend blowing a ton of cash on one for your first bow.

Bows depreciate faster than boats, and there are plenty of guys out there that just have to have the newest thing out every year or so.   You won't have to look very hard to find a used Bowtech or Mathews for less than half of what a new one costs. 

I hunt with a 2002 Reflex Excursion 70lb.  I have never Chrony'd my velocity, but it's gotta be slow compared to today's bows.  I suppose my bow is like a 30-30.  Not flashy, not fancy, not even worth discussing, but the deer haven't figured that out yet.

I would definitely keep asking questions, and regardless of where you live, I invite you to join us over on   Absolutely the most friendly and trustworthy online community I've ever been a part of and plenty of folks will gladly offer advice experience and probably a good deal on a starter bow.  My handle is the same over there as here.
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Posted 11/13/201210:15 AM

Hi Bronson,  I've been shooting bows since I was five I am now fourteen.  I am now competing with my compounds and am second in state of CA.  The 350 is a great bow but Bowtechs customer service is horrible.  If you going to get a bow get a PSE. You would relly like the EVO or Vendetta. and here are links look at the pro series from pse.  Make sure you have a pro shop around so your stuff will be set up properly.  I am super into archery I have a mathews conquest 4 (target freestyle class), Limbsaver Dead Zone DZ 36(target bowhunter freestyle class), and a mission venture (hunting) it is addicting to say the least.  I am going to the world championships in Vegas this year with my family and some of my friend that run the local pro shop, hope fully we will all do fine.  Take a look at pse their customer servise is great and their bows are outstanding.  Look at spot hog sights they are pricey but awesome the Hog It is what I shoot on my mission and limbsaver.  Good luck and practice alot.300 WBY+animal=BANG FLOP
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Posted 11/13/201210:26 AM

I don't know how close you are to San Luis Obispo County.  But I live in Arroyo Grande and we have a great pro shop inside of our local Farm Supply.  But if you are close enough I would gladly meet you there and you could shoot Mathews, Hoyt, PSE, and mission bows to see what bow suits you. They have a twenty yard indoor range upstairs to shoot at.  If your down here you could also check out the Weatherbys Showroom in Paso Robles its amazing there you might even meet Ed or Dan.

Ethan,300 WBY+animal=BANG FLOP
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Posted 11/13/201204:39 PM

This post made me go drag the bow out to the backyard range. I haven't picked it up in a month since matches begun. Green circle is 2" diameter. I set my sights on the green dot and have my POI 2" above that. Shooting out of a treestand you want your shot a tad higher than shooting from level ground to impact the vitals better. These are the 382g Easton AXIS N-Fused Carbon at 9.0gpi.

2011 Quest Smoke (let me add Quest CS is great!!)
IBO= 334fps

My draw= 27.5"
62# draw w/ 80% let-off. Limbs tight and Brian from Quest had me put EIGHT turns in the cable with a new cable/string set. Serving was loose on my first set.
QAD Pro Drop away
Brass nock locks
Peep sight with no string
1 speed stop down low near the serving
Actual speed= 262fps with 58.24# of KE.

My 310g Eastons will do 292fps, and only drop to 57# of KE with the reduced weight because of the increased velocity.

I trashed a McKenzie Pro shot blocker in about 2 weeks when I got this bow and returned it to Dick's Sporting Goods. Spend the cheese for a good shot blocker.

20yd group

30yd group

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Posted 11/13/201207:59 PM

Most of our locals use Mathews and Hoyt because of a local stocking dealer.    We had a Bow Tech dealer and he went under,  nice bows but very few people locally  were buying them and it was kind of a cheesy place to begin with.   

Every now and then you will see guy's here using mechanical broadheads , but for the most part and due to reservation broadhead restrictions on elk most everyone uses fixed blades of one type or another.    We are not restricted off the res, but I don't think the mechanicals do quite as good a job at least on elk.   I have 2 friends that use PSE and they seem to like them.    Two other friends 3 years ago went and bought    tiny little bows I'm not sure if I like them or not.   I'm not a big fan of the original whisker biscuits which these guy's use.  I suppose if you practiced a lot with these bows and got use to them they probably work fine.

I don't care for shooting field points in my older Hoyt,   I prefer to use old dulled Magnus Stingers and my son uses Steel Force,    both cut on contact.     I tried the Rage 3 blade when they first came out and I have to say they did shoot well and I like the practice tips,  I had them deploy in the quiver even after modified so I gave them away.   I like things simple and rugged.   We have an 80 yd range in the yard and if I'm shooting a lot I can keep most shots within a  6 " circle at 50 and on a good calm day 60  yds with broadheads.  I can hit the block at 80 most of the time, but my sight is really bottomed out.  If I haven't been practicing all bets are off. 

I'm partial to Hoyt and the old Reflex,   I prefer a bow with a ultra smooth draw, hard wall,   long brace height,  doesn't have to be the fastest bow.  If I have to loose a nut to pull it back I won't shoot good with it.   I do shoot off the string because of my shorter draw length.   

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Posted 11/13/201208:30 PM

I've only sighted 20, 30, 40 and 50yds.

I don't think I'd feel confident in taking a shot past those distances. Even with my Flatlines at 292fps there is a pretty noticable arc at 50yds and I wonder just how much energy there is at that distance. Maybe enough for a whitetail with a well placed shot. I recall I was about on a pie plate group at 50yds last year..... maybe a bit better this year  Wink

I liked the Thunderhead fixed blades, but the FOC was well over 11.5 and the tail was waggin the dog. I have 3 Rage's and 2 G3's in my quiver. Never had a problem with either deploying in the QAD. G3's feel more secure though and look much beefier. The G3's have a metal retaing clip and there are replacements in the package if you deply one.... much better than the o-rings on the Rage's IMHO. G3's also have practice blades.
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Posted 11/14/201209:12 PM

I like an FOC of around 9-10% for my compound. If it is my recurve, I look for around 12% or as close as I can get.Tennessee- The patron state of shooting stuff!
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Posted 11/14/201210:41 PM

My bow seems to like the Easton N-Fused Carbons at 382g total weight and the Rage/G3 combo the best.

Rage FOC- 8.77
G3 FOC= 9.77

I also like the NAP Spitfire's at 9.56, but they "feel" to deploy a bit hard. The blades fold forward and seat against a flexible piece of spring steel in a groove. Slick design, they just feel a bit tight to me. I'm sure they deploy just fine at 262fps.

My package came with the DOA's, but at 310g every broadhead FOC was over 11.00!! The only way to fix that was to get a heavier shaft or 85g broadheads. I opted for the heavier N-Fused shafts since I already had a handful of 100g broadheads.
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Posted 11/14/201211:43 PM

Nothing wrong with a heavy FOC, as long as you sight the bow in to the arrow set-up, all is good. The second deer I killed with my bow was with a NAP Spitfire at about 250fps or so. Worked great, especially since I misjudged the deer's distance. Hit her a little high, but the huge cut did its job.

Tennessee- The patron state of shooting stuff!
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Posted 11/22/201212:32 PM

Might be a good idea to visit a local shop and shoot a few models before you commit; or, you might end up like me, with three bows....

My mighty-killing bow is a Diamond Stud, but I also shoot a Hoyt that Dad can no longer shoot (bad shoulder) and sometimes the first bow he took a deer with (a canadian-made Champion). The important thing is, get a bow. There's nothing like taking deer with a bow. Jesus Is Lord
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Posted 11/22/201201:10 PM

Love bow hunting. I'm partial to PSE myself, that said Biwtech makes great bows. Shoot everything before you peel off the bills. I would have never bought my first PSE years back had I not. I was a dyed in the wool Martin shooter back then. Don't get too hyped on the velocities that are advertised either, with a hunting weight arrow you will never get that speed. There are as many answers to that one as there are reasons men hunt, fight, skydive, gamble or take up with redheaded ladies.

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