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Posted 11/12/201210:12 PM

I bought a box of 270 Winchester 150grn Power Points today. When I got home I opened the box and noticed that the lead on the end of the bullets wasnt consistent on all of the bullets. Some are longer than others, and a noticable differce. These bullets are what the gun liked before, but the others where contsistent with the lead and all. Just wandering if you guys think that this going to affect the accuracy?
Got to get my stuff together quik got a two week hunt in WV coming up. Leaving this Sat to drive up, going to do some scouting Sun season comes in MONDAY going to be a long week this week (work sucks)!!! 18in 10point has been spotted on the trail CAM!!!Drinking Beer and Wasting Bullets
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Posted 11/12/201210:25 PM

Easy answer NO it will not affect accuracy. you can rip those tips off and still be fine. OK these are not precision shooting bullets and precision type bullets are not needed for hunting., you will never see a difference in performance, If you care to dare take a look at all tipped bullets they are most all as you described the ones you have now.
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Posted 11/12/201210:33 PM

Lesson learned.Always open and check the box before buying.That being said,you probably want have have any accuracy problems.Soft points can get shortened,blunted when shipping.I have also had Rem Core Locts blunted in a semi rifle in the magazine but it didn't affect their accuracy when shot.At least with my shooting abilities. Grin You can't take them back anyway so give them a try.Roger
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Posted 11/13/201201:13 AM

No problems that I see. I used to shoot those same bullets out of my .270win with no problems and I noticed the difference in tips then. As mentioned, check the tips on other bullets and they aren't consistent, even with match bullets.Tennessee- The patron state of shooting stuff!
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Posted 11/13/201201:33 AM

I have noticed it before but it seems like these are worse than others i have seen. But thanks for the information glad im not out of 20$. By the way Doc hows the knock down/damage power to a deer with these rounds???Drinking Beer and Wasting Bullets
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Posted 11/13/201211:14 AM

I wouldn't worry about the power of the 150's they are fully capable of taking  everything thru Moose.   

The guy's are correct,  they aren't match bullets.   I'm suspecting this is not a match rifle ?   So why worry about it unless the groups were just beyond terrible. 
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Posted 11/13/201208:35 PM

I was gettin 1"-1.25" groups with this ammo and every deer that was hit, either DRT or didnt run far if I put it in the hole.Tennessee- The patron state of shooting stuff!
Joined: 05/21/10
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