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Posted 11/11/201211:47 AM

In 1999 I had a major Heart attack, result was a double bypass, I survived this and have lived a pretty good life since that time, well it's been 13 years and this week I had a problem, one of my arteries closed and I came damn close to having another heart failure. I was lucky enough to recognize the problem and get to the Hospital, I had to have a Stint inserted  in one of the arteries that had been previously altered. So short story is watch your health, exercise and eat well. Life is short but you can prolong it.   
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Posted 11/11/201212:01 PM

Glad you`re OK!  I do watch my diet and exercise way too much,visit my primary every 6 months. I`ll get hit by a truck one day Grin
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Posted 11/11/201212:25 PM

That is sound wisdom, Glad you are OK.Yuma
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Posted 11/11/201212:42 PM

Welcome to the stent club  Grin Glad you made it and sorry to hear about your issues, i am going in soon for a lap band surgery since i can't exercise due to mobility issues and COPD! that rite there is my doing but it is tuff to breathe at times and i say if you smoke please quit NOW! It is no fun!  Looking forward to getting my weight down to low to mid 200's Shocked so i can quit about 5 different meds! Good luck with your recovery!
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Posted 11/11/201205:19 PM

Glad to hear your OK, Recognizing the signs save so many lives.
BillBilly Mac
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Posted 11/11/201207:26 PM

Jim:Glad you caught it and are doing well.Hope to meet you in Wyoming next year if you can make it for the antelope hunt.Roger
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Posted 11/13/201212:22 PM

Thank you all!  Roger, Antelope are one of my top two get it done list, but a nice Elk is my priority so all of my attention will be on that hunt. Tho I do hope to make the Antelope hunt as well.
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