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Remington 700 issues (57 posts)

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Posted 10/17/201206:07 PM

If my Dad said it once he said it A hundred times. Never point A gun or let your gun be pointed at some one unless you plan to Kill them. I think the army burned that one into Him and the GI's back in WWII.Mark
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Posted 10/17/201207:12 PM

Got two with old triggers (Walker) design, never had an issue. There are as many answers to that one as there are reasons men hunt, fight, skydive, gamble or take up with redheaded ladies.

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Posted 11/13/201204:38 PM

Has anyone got a rem 700 BDL since 2008? I contacted Remington and they said since 2008 X-Mark Pro triggers are in all the 700 instead of the Walker triggers. Anyone hear or any malfunctions with these triggers since than? I always wanted a 700 BDL since I was a kid and I can afford one now. I was thinking about getting one in 7mm rem mag along with a 300 wby mag in vanguard deluxe.Scott
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Posted 11/13/201207:29 PM

I had a 30-06 bdl with the x trigger and didn't like it, pull weight was nearly 8.5 pounds from factory and parts seemed cheaply made. Pretty gun and shot moa but rusted easy and couldnt stand trigger as it felt like a goose gun.  I just sold this gun last month as I have become total anti-remington for all products they NOW make (some old was great) but I will not even buy a Remington T-shirt as I am sure it would shrink, fade and get holes in first couple uses.  Their quality has not went down hill but has jumped off a cliff, hopeful it doesn't spread to there other brands like marlin but I am already hearing of problems so time will tell. My advice find a older one in good shape.
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Posted 11/13/201209:43 PM

From what I understand, Marlins have leapt off that same cliff since Remington acquired them.
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Posted 11/13/201211:33 PM

I have nine Remington 700s, two Model 7s and a 673. Never had a trigger problem with any of them. Several of them have been rebarreled and customized too. Bought the first one in 1973 and the last one in 2011. They are still very good rifles. I'm a Weatherby guy but there is no reason to avoid the 700 if you are so inclined. Too much misinformation out there. I have a Marlin XS7 youth in 308 too. It's a very decent little rifle. Everyone has to judge based on their own experiences I guess. 
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Posted 11/14/201207:19 AM

As far as I know, with the heavy trigger pull they made the factory pull weight 3.5 lbs since 2009 and can be adjustable 2 lbs either way.Scott
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Posted 11/14/201203:18 PM

I  picked up a bone stock 700 for a donor action and barrel. It HAD the X Mark trigger and it quickly got dumped for a Jewell. I like a light crisp trigger. The Jewell is adjustable from 1.5oz- 4# with a simple spring swap. Both mine are at 5oz to match my 6.5x284 trigger for the same feel during practice.

The Weatherby Vanguard SUB-MOA still has the factory trigger.... it's great for hunting, but I still have to check and see if the safety is on after pulling a 5oz trigger most of the time.

Save yourself the hassle of a factory trigger and get a Timney or a Jewell. I put a Timney on my Accumark and it was worlds better than the factory trigger.
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Posted 11/14/201207:59 PM

The truth about the Remington trigger probably lies somewhere in the middle. The media likes to blow things out of proportion, especially when it's firearms related. Remington insists that the only malfunctions are with old/out of spec triggers or triggers that have been tampered with and set outside their intended parameters.

I'm disinclined to believe that all R-700's with a  Walker trigger are a time bomb waiting to happen. However I'm also disinclined to believe that every single isntance is a case of poor maintenance or someone tampering with things they shouldn't have. I am inclined to believe the posts in this thread, because these folks have nothing to gain or lose from twisting the truth, unlike the media and Remington.

What that tells me, is that these malfunctions do happen without tampering or poor maintenance. Perhaps less frequently than the media would have us believe, but also more frequently than Remington wants us to know about. The fact that it happens (without tampering) at all puts me firmly in the same camp as badsection. When I purchase a gun, I fully expect it to fire when the trigger is pressed and only when the trigger is pressed, without exception.

Having to replace the trigger to ensure it's safety and function is not acceptable unless the original plan was to scrap the trigger & pimp my rifle. Even if it's only a 1 in 1,000 chance that I got one that will discharge without a trigger press, that's too much because I know how bad my luck is.

Far as Marlin goes, I haven't had the pleasure of checking a recent one out myself. Lever actions are a backburner interest of mine. I'd like to own one, but there are higher priorities. This video has made me skeptical of newer Marlins though:

It may be inappropriate to base your opinion of a company on someone else's experiences. But to think that this guy has gone through 3 returns without a single one being right, gets a refund, then picks up another Marlin just to find that it too was a lemon...Either his luck is worse than mine, he's a shill paid by the media or Marlin/Remington's competition, or something is seriously out of whack at the plant.
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Posted 11/22/201212:35 PM

I've owned a few 700's over the years; first thing I did was adjust the trigger until it would bump-fire, then just back it off  until it wouldn't. Barely. I don't recommend this to anyone -- I'm just used to very light triggers, and that's how I like it. I never had an issue with the problems folks are talking about. I gunsmithed in a big shop -- never had anyone come in and complain about this problem. Jesus Is Lord
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Posted 11/22/201204:16 PM

What big gunshop because I want to make sure none of my rifles ever go through those doors.  What you just described sounds like an improperly adjusted and dangerous situation.  Set it so it goes off when you bump it then back it off a little and hope for the best.  Wow.   
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Posted 12/07/201212:29 PM

HAPPENED TO ME!. Newbie here, just found your site!  I have a 700bdl  270 probably puchased  in the mid 70's. love the rifle, still own it, killed a nice 4x4 mulie with it this year.Probably about '86 i came back to the truck, opened the door, had the rifle pointed at the ground , went to click the safe off to unload and BANG. I'm always safe handling firearms,but second guessed myself. finger on trigger maybe?i always have one hand on the forestock while the other opens the bolt.I never even heard about this problem until my mom (who hunts) told  me she had heard about it like a year ago. Never happened since but i will now get it fixed. Had the gun since i was a teenager. I'm a lefty so gun choices are limited. Never plan to part with it.
I also have a Mark v deluxe, 7mm mag lefty im trying to get to shoot good. Had a 24 inch barrel wouldn't group so i put a 26 on it.That will be a different thread.
Joined: 12/07/12
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