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Any good .257 loads out there? (13 posts)

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Posted 04/07/201212:25 PM

I just bought a .257 Weatherby and am new to the site but have shot Weatherby's for a long time. I have a Vanguard sub MOA 300 WSM that shoots same hole and the new 257 has got me excited. If there are any load work ups anyone is willing to share I would love to hear it.  I'm not greedy so Ill even share my loads for my 300.


I glass bedded and free floated the barrel on my 300 WSM I'm wondering if i should do the same on the 257. Thoughts?

Thanks guys!!!!BMH
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Posted 04/07/201211:03 PM

H 4831, RL 22, RL25.  75g Vmax, 100g Hotcor, 115g NP, 117g SST all these bullets with WLRM primers and any of those powders has produced fast hunting accurate loads for me, some of the loads have been super accurate. I have yet to make a load that wasn't at least hunting accurate, the vast majority Sub MOA. Others here have similar results with a myriad of powder bullet combos.


PS mine is a  Vanguard Sporter with no after market work, just a good scope, it has always been a good shooter.exhale and squeeze
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Posted 04/07/201211:27 PM

Stick with the 100g TSX's. Everyone here has had good luck with them. Next in line would be 110g Accubonds.

Take your pick....

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Posted 04/07/201211:48 PM

for the 257 my all time favorite load is 100gr ttsx and 72gr of rl 22 1/2moa all day long without trying they just do their thing with no effort. I have tried all the large rifle mag primers with no real difference in accuracy or speed. Fed 215 gave the best of consistancy of only 5-6fps over a cronografph. The load is over most books max but has worked in all 257s i have loaded for. I have loaded for 6+ different ones both vanguards and mark v,s. I never had any pressure or short brass life loose primer pockets or any other problems. In the 300Wby one of my pet loads was 86gr of rl22 and barnes 180gr tsx 1/2moa also. Good Hunting And Shooting To all
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Posted 04/08/201204:56 AM

63gn of H-4350, Fed 215 primers, and the 100gn Barnes TSX work very well for me.
73gn of H-1000, Fed 215 primers and the 117gn Hornady BTSP are good too.
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Posted 04/08/201208:45 AM

110 Accubond. 72 grains RL25 and Federal 215 primer.
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257 Shooter

Posted 04/08/201211:09 AM

120gr. Sierra HPBT GameKing/ 63.5gr. IMR 4831 (near Max) / COAL 3.230

...I know HP means hollow point, but the HPBT GameKings are serious hunting bullets w/ a small cavity instead of an exposed lead tip, is skived to promote expansion, but features a heavier jacket to hold together & penetrate. Recommended for max/ near max load levels, these have been some of the most accurate bullets I have loaded. I've used the 120gr. .25's on antelope & mule deer, the 160gr. 7mm & 165gr. .30 cals on mule deer & elk...

...120gr. SHPBT/ MV3005fps/ 200yds. "In"...

...& "Out"...

Gene- 37
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Posted 04/08/201211:39 AM

You guys are all awesome.

I will try some loads and let everyone know my findings.


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Posted 04/08/201212:32 PM

Just looking in my ammo locker I counted  28 different  styles of  bullets from  sierra, speer,  barnes,  hornady, swift, nosler,  and berger  I'm loading in  two different 257's ,  All of them shoot  fairly well  except the 115 Berger  which I'm about ready to give up on.   

Powders I've ran include imr 4350,  imr 7828,  ramshot mag,  Rl 22 & 25,  H-4831 and  retumbo.    Brass used was both Wby and Nosler,  prmers Fed 215M and WLRM.   All powders and primers so far have shot well in certain load combinations except the Bergers which I'm having fits with. 

My load current load of choice is an above max load of 7828 ,  weatherby or nosler brass (they are both made by Norma)  hot WLRM primers and 110 accubonds, oal 3.225.    I didn't say the most accurate but accurate enough and very consistant in our  rifles,   running in the 3450 +  fps.   

My next best load was Swift scirocco 100 gr behind a very stiff load of 7828 right at 3600 fps.  Barnes100 ttsx  and Swift both shot extremely well with H-4831 just not at the highest velocities.    Varmit load is Imr 4350 with a Sierra 75 gr hp.   

Your rifle and your load testing is going to trump any data we may use.   Unfortunately it something you have to do on your own.

Gene ,  nice picture that's what an accubond slicing thru antelope looks like.  In some rifles overall,   I prefer the tsx over the ttsx because it doesn't expand quite as quickly,   then again that's what the ttsx was designed for,  to open up a little faster.   I've had good luck in heavier calibers  with plain jane remington core-lokts and win power points they expand and peel back and ofter find them on the off side hide on the larger animals if they don't go thru.

  By the way my wfe was hiking down behind the house and kicked up 5 cow elk, one coyote and a couple of deer yesterday morning.   

Didn't get drawn for elk this year we have a road trip planned to see the country on the way over ending in new england and get some Maine lobster.   Something we have always wanted to do. 
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Posted 04/08/201212:45 PM

Barnes fan.I go to their reloading site and follow their recommedations for trim,col, and powder type and amount.I usually tweak with seating depth.Has worked great for 257 and 300 Wby.Good luck.

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Posted 07/10/201211:02 AM

Here is the outcome of my 257 project. Sorry it took a while but I wanted to say THANKS for everyones input. I have to say this might have been the easiest load testing I have ever done due to Corey's info. For that I cant thank you enough. I drew a good deer tag here in Nevada and im looking forward to using the 257 to put him down. I cant wait and thank you all again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BMH
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Posted 07/10/201203:36 PM

Looking good, it seems the 257WBY is just an inherently accurate round shootnig from great products.  Through my S2 I was getting great results from 100gnTTSX, 73.5gn H1000 with an avg vel. of 3453fps (at 74gn mild pressure signs were getting a bit more prevalent and groups opened up some) As a point of reference I got an Avg vel. of 3454 fps from the Factory Norma 100gn SP.  Also got great groups with 117gn SierraBT with 64.9gn H4831.

Barnes fan.I go to their reloading site and follow their recommedations for trim,col, and powder type and amount.I usually tweak with seating depth.Has worked great for 257 and 300 Wby.Good luck.

Have you noticed the Barnes website suggest best accuracy for the 100gn TSX from IMR4831, while their manual actually suggests H1000 and slightly different seating depths?

Vanguard S2 SS 257WBY, SA-08 Upland 20Ga
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Posted 07/10/201203:43 PM

Yuupers,I get best accuracy with H1000 and Barnes 100 TSX.
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