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Ok Gents,

 With all the talk surrounding the 6.5 Weatherby possibility, I would like to know who has experience with any of the assorted 6.5"s (Swede, Creedmoor, x284, 260 Remington) while hunting whitetail, mule deer or even Elk. I am looking for a 6.5 hunting rifle and the Swede seems to be unavailable in new modern hunting rifles(CZ?) so I have been looking at the Creedmoor.Do you guys own one, is it effective and what does it's future look like?

Thank you

I read an article in "On Target " magazine for June/July 2011. The subject Article is
2011 Editors' Choice Awards: "Savage Model 12 Long Range Precision Rifle".
This rifle is specifically chambered in 6.5 Creedmore (specifically Hornady, as the only major ammo maker loading the 6.5 Creedmore). Bottom line... the ballistics, and success represented in this article look good for the caliber. 

6.5x55's are available from Sako (try Eurooptics) , Howa & possibly Blaser. Tikka also makes a 6.5x55, but Beretta no longer imports it into the US. Lipseys many times has short run Rugers available. Try Gunbrokers for used M70 FW's, Ruger 77's, or Rem 700 Classics (1994).

I've been shooting both a 6.5x55 & a .264 Win. Mag. since the mid 90's, & have used both on deer & elk. Think of the Swede as a European .270, & the .264 as a .257 Wby. with a better bullet. That's a bit of an over simplification, but not much of one.

In terms of  reloading, The Swede likes about anything, & reminds me of loading for a .308. Lots of combinations produce great results. The .264 is best with H870 or H4831, & bullets ranging from 125 to 140 gr's. If I had to choose a single load for each gun, it would be 125 Part. & H4350 at 2940 fps. in the Swede, & 140 Part. & H870 at 3275 fps. in the .264. I bought a box of 130 Accubonds, but have not tried them in either cartridge.

There are many factory ammo choices with the 6.5x55, while the .264 is truly a hand loading situation. In fact, Rem. factory offering only clocked an average of 2991 in my 26 inch barrelled M70. That's a lawyer load, if I ever saw one.

Hope this helps you a little.

I have to agree with Jim.  Howa has started  producing the sweede their original rifles were a 1:10  twist if memory serves me , but since that mistake  they're now produced with a 1:8 twist  and solved the heavy bullet problem.  CZ,  Sako, Tikka have been making them for a long time it's a european staple caliber.   I use a sporterized model 96 and I tell people, and I truely believe this,  it's one of the best lite recoiling calibers made today and it's killing power  is way beyond what paper ballistics say, plus it's one of the most inherently accurate calibers,   it's that good. Super easy to load  and components are widely available.   No it's not going to set speed records, but it's fast enough to get the job done and I  know a couple guy's using it for 1000 yd shooting and a few that reamed it to a 6.5 Ackley improved that is right on the heels of the 6.5x284.  I know one thing someone showed up at elk camp with a sweede I wouldn't say a thing the guy probably knows what he's doing. 

The 6.5 Creedmore is a little underwhelming to me especially since the 260 Rem and 6.5-284 exist. It seems like they are trying to reinvent the wheel with this one. From my understanding the case is only slightly different than a 260 Rem case, I believe the case is straighter with less taper, feel free to correct me if I misunderstood. I guess it does give some advantage over the 260 but doesn't touch the 6.5-284. If you can't afford the custom 264 Weatherby (I salivate just thinking about it) I would look for a 6.5-284. It's really efficient and get's close to the 264 Win Mag without the powder.


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