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Just joined the weatherby nation with a Vanguard .300 weatherby and a 3-9X42 Kahles Scope. Looking to load the 168 Barnes TTSX for a 1 load does all for Mule Deer, Elk, Antelope, Moose, sheep, and Goats. Anybody have any good loads to start with or any field reports with this combonation?

Lone Pine:
Welcome to the forum! Keep asking questions and fill us in with your experiences and results. I am contemplating buying a used Lazermark in 300wby and am considering the same ammunition you are asking about. I will check in as answers or suggestions are provided. Enjoy your time spent here.

Guys you might want to consider the 180gr bullets. Roy weatherby told my father the 180gr was the best in the 300wby. Just a thought good luck

idahotrophyhunter, Welcome, I have some loaded with both 7828 and VHT-165 powder's to 3200fps. They are sub MOA shooter's (.65") but I have not used them on game yet. But I have no doubt they will get the task's your trying to do with them done very easily with good shot placement! Now I've never killed A Moose or A Sheep but I'm looking forward to the day I draw A tag, as for killing power I'm guessing A Moose can't be to much worse than an Elk to put down, And A Sheep no different than A Mule Deer. Myself I prefer 180gn bullet's because of the much better BC they have but to each his own. I originally loaded these for my daughter to use on A Black tail Deer hunt, but she put the muzzle brake on my gun and used the 180 Speer Btsp bullet's I had loaded and took a nice 3X3 with 1 eye guard! Shoot me A PM if you need load data. Welcome to the site and good shootin to YA...Jerry

300 weatherby
168 TTSX
Ramshot Magnum @ 91.0


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