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270 or 340 Weatherby for 1000 yard (12 posts)

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Posted 01/13/201204:16 PM

I own a few mark V  Weatherby's and Im looking at using my 270 or the 340 Weatherby for 1000 yard target shooting.I was also told that you can burn the barrel out if your going to shoot alot,I dont want to burn the barrel out so would I look at a different caliber(non-weatherby)for 1000 yard target shooting any thoughts.I love the performance if Weatheby.Hank M.
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Posted 01/13/201205:06 PM

When I'm shooting more than a handful of rounds, I enjoy target shooting more with a smaller cartridge.  With ones like you mentioned, my brain gets "scrambled" much too quickly.
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aka Hunter

Posted 01/13/201205:10 PM

My main concern in NOT burning the barrel out regardless of which Weatherby I use.Hank M.
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Posted 01/13/201205:35 PM

BC's are the main thing at 1000yards.

Comparing factory loads...

270 w/ 140gr Accublond BC- .496  3320 fps

340 w/ 250gr Partition   BC- .473     2941 fps

of the 2 I'd lean towards the 270wby, faster, high BC amongst factory loads, less likely to get beat up by your rifle, depends on weight really, but apples to apples the 340wby is going to kick significantly more.

They make some high BC bullets for the .338,  250, 300gr... etc...
also 150 or 160gr 270 bullets,

good luck.
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Posted 01/13/201205:40 PM

Im not sure which cartridge is easier on barrels. I would think the 340 would be better for the real long range work, and it would be my guess that it's easier on the bore as well. Oregon jim shoots way out there with a 340 & 225gr accubonds.Isaac
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Posted 01/13/201206:21 PM

None of those BC's will get you to 1000yds with any reliability at all. Anything with a BC in the 0.500 ballpark these days is sub-standard at 1000yds. There are only a few choices in a .270 with a fair BC- not great, just around 0.530.

I'd keep your Weatherby's as they are and pick up something else with 1000yds in mind as your goal.

You will not want a large caliber with the kick at 1000yds either. Difficult to get back on target in a fair amount of time.

Recommendations- as I have just gone through this process of researching, analyzing and selecting a 1000yd match rifle...

6mmBR- good to 600yds on any given day. Marginal at 1000yds with ANY breeze due to the light bullet weights. Low recoil.

6.5x47mm Lapua- Good choice and picking up popularity. Very good BC's in the 0.590's+. Low recoil. Better barrel life than the below 6.5x284 that I chose.

6.5x284- Plenty of load data. Very popular. Plenty of high 0.595+ BC bullets. Short barrel life. Low recoil.

7mm- many choices and Wildcat version- Gaining popularity fast. Plenty of high BC bullets. Slightly more recoil than the 6.5's. Better barrel life than 6.5x284.

I wouldn't consider any caliber above a 7mm. Very few in the match results over the last few years other than these basic calibers. You'll see a few 270WSM's and a few 300WinMags here and there, but I just listed the main calibers that competiton shooters are using across the country. Look under these links (some list caliber, some don't)-

This is your "go-to" site for 1000yd shooting (I pointed you to the 7mm page. Just change calibers on the left tab window)-

Peruse this page and read under each rifle what they are using them for-
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Posted 01/13/201206:41 PM

I am shooting 165 matrix ballistic vlds in my 270 wby and having great results at long range with a bc of .650 .but I am having a 1000 yard gun built with a 30" heavy barrel in 7mm wby to shoot 180 grain vlds
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Posted 01/13/201206:58 PM

7mm.... if I was to do it again, it would probably be a 7mm.

I'm already building another rifle in my head and I didn't even fire the 6.5x284 yet.

Easy thing is when I rebarrel it I can go to a 7mm if I want, but I'll probably just keep it a 6.5x284. My builder said when we re-barrel it, he'll buy a reamer spec'd to my current chamber and we'll just make 2 barrels and I can keep the reamer. Then we can cut each barrel back at least one inch when they start to go. It's nice starting at 30-31" for that reason- especially with the 6.5x284.
Joined: 07/12/11
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Posted 01/13/201208:00 PM

Corey I'm interested in seeing how your savage does my son almost bought one but opted to rebarrel a remington 700 he went with a kreiger 29 " heavy varmint contour being blueprinted and chambered to 6.5x 284 by kelblys.I know I didn't pick the best 1000 yard caliber but being a weatherby fan I went with what I think will be a decent shooter we have no competition anywhere near where I live so it is just for fun
Joined: 05/16/10
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Posted 01/13/201208:34 PM

If I was him I'd buy the reamer. It makes it easier when re-barreling, so you don't need to change your neck bushings and re-figure everything. He can use his burned out barrel to fire form new brass for a new barrel and it will fit just fine becasue they were done with the EXACT same reamer. If his builder happens to be slammed when he needs a barrel anyone can do it because he has the reamer.

I can't wait to get this project off the ground. I could care less about the barrel life- they are expendable as far as I'm concerned.

I'm sure I'll need a NF 12-42 scope to get serious, but I plan on some local "informal" club matches at 1000yds and a few additional formal state matches this year at 600yds.

I've traveled a few thousand miles (one way trip) when I used to drag race, so lugging a rifle compared to a 30ft FeatherLite trailer is a piece of cake. This long range rifle stuff is cheap compared to drag racing. I spent as much in fuel and entry fees on a trip as an entire rifle costs, not to mention dragging along a spare engine, trans, 3rd member and a lot of other high $$ parts. Heck- a local race set me back $200/week. That's a barrel a month Grin
Joined: 07/12/11
Posts: 839

Posted 01/13/201208:50 PM

That is a good idea on the reamer i have heard they sometimes shoot better when you have them set back after the lands have eroded.I hear you on the big nightforce I am trying to decide between the 8-32 or the 12-42. I have an 8- 32 br and a 5.5-22 nxs I could use but I have a couple months to round up another one while the gun is being built
Joined: 05/16/10
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Posted 01/13/201208:56 PM

I've read the same about setting them back and re-crowning them in addition.

This is more of a reason to buy the reamer. If you own the reamer you can get 2 barrels for the price of one without having to fire form brass in your new barrel and wasting precious life.

It will cost me a few extra bucks to have a reamer made to my chamber, but that's my plan since I don't think Savage is going to send me the reamer used on my rifle Undecided My builder told me to save the first few cases I fire out of it and set them aside for when we need to have a reamer made.
Joined: 07/12/11
Posts: 839

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